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Fostering Connection, Creativity and Courage through movement, training, creative & historical experiences. 40 yr. veteran of teaching, choreographing, administrative work in higher education + professional contemporary work. Instructs Ballet (with a focus on adult ballet) & Historical Social dance forms including Renaissance, Baroque, Vintage 19th century ballroom. Choreographs dance / movement for theatre, musicals, opera, historical events/experiences i.e. madrigals, concert / performance (company and/or studio) & community experiences such as flash mobs, site-specific works, weddings. Exploring [as a student] work with dogs & horses. 

I am interested in the intersection of movement as communication between humans and animals, the history of and beneficial utility of training to illuminate communication, and dance / movement as a means to tell stories, cultivate imagination, empower individuals and transform communities.

What Linda Can Do


Choreographed, performed, produced and toured 140+ original works, working with higher education, professional companies, studios,  operas, musicals, flash mobs & community ensemble events, site-specific works.

Community Work

Community involvement including flash mobs, community events, and working with animals


Significant presentation experience as a lecturer/presenter for Hope College and other academic and professional organizations.


Served as a professor and as the Dance Department Chair at Hope College for 36 years.


Dedicated to the preservation of dance and dance history through research and kinesthetic experiences. 

Past Projects

A visual exploration of Linda's passions and talents.


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